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The key to manifesting your goals. 
7 steps. 3 minutes. ENJOY!

Some tips and hints


We would like to give you some pointers for using the 7epp efficiently:



Try to find the (3) most convenient moments of the day, preferably the same time daily so you get into a rhythm.


Remember to find a quiet place.


Use your earphone if you are distracted by the surrounding sounds or activities

Close your eyes if you like, you will be noted by a 'pling' sound when you need to read the next lines of text. 

Find a relaxing position in a comfortable spot

Formulate your goal always using possitive wording.

For instance: 
don't use ' I quit smoking'  
but use ' I feel healthy and I am breating fresh air'l


Define your goal clearly
Formulate all your Objectives as if they are already fact, as if they already exist

For instance:

dont use: 'I want less headaches' 

But use:   'I have no headache and feel great'  (even if you have a headache at that very moment !) 


Really imagine how you would feel when the goals are reached, what will you do to celebrate that goal, see that image before you in a lively way.

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