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The key to manifesting your goals. 
7 steps. 3 minutes. ENJOY!

Several great thinkers 

End 19th century beginning of 20th century several great thinkers shared methods based on which they were able to transform their dreams into reality. (please see the literature list)

When you study the ‘New thought movement science’ you will come across the writer James Allen who wrote the book: As A Man Thinketh; it explains that your world is shaped by what is in and on your mind and your attitude.
Andrew Carnegie’s life story is famous and explained in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ written by Napoleon Hill during the years of great depression between the first and second world war. It explains principles of self-development applied by people who greatly influenced the world.

As far as we can tell the most extensive research before the second world war has been condensed in the book: Master Key System by Charles Haanel.
This describes the basic principles of shaping your world; career, health etc. most modern writers on this subject refer to this book as their inspiration.


After the second world war several great authorsand speakers became extremely popular like Tony Robbins.
They organised many trainings attended by successful businessmen. The most influential post war writer must be the late Joseph Murphy who wrote the perennial: The Power of the Sub-consious Mind which we greatly recommend to you.

We have listed a whole series of books that are easy to obtain and explain in different forms what the 7epp does to you in 3 times 3 min a day…

Should you read all these books??…
no, we have done that for you and transformed the essential knowledge in our 7epp.
If you use the 7epp you apply the essence of that knowledge in your life!!


Literature list​


As a man thinketh, by James Allan
The Master key system Charles, by F Haanel
The science of getting rich, by Wallace D. Wattles
The science of the mind, by Ernest HolmesMental chemistry, by Charles F. Haanel

Other books that came out in the 60’s
The power of the subconscious mind, by Joseph Murphy
Mind control, by Jose Silva
Harmonic prayer, by Alan Tutt
The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne
Chickensoup for the soul
Quatum jumping


The essence of the books by these writers basically comes down to defining your goal and helping you reach this.
While this is sometimes hard to do, the 7epp helps you achieve this.
Reminding you several times a day to focus on the goal set by you, and pleasantly break focus with the daily occupation and stress, and focus on your desired goal and feel the end result.

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