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The key to manifesting your goals. 
7 steps. 3 minutes. ENJOY!

Welcome to the 7epp website. 

On this site you will find the necessary information about the 7 steps app that helps you reach your goals.
This ingenious tool will remind you of your personal chosen goals and guide you through 7 steps in several minutes at your chosen moment of the day.
Result: conscious focus on your goal and sub-conscious focus to help you reach that goal.

The App​

The app works in different ways.

We all know how hard it is to make change in life, to create new patterns,to get rid of a bad habit or for example bring a new healthy habit into your routine.
The process of changing habits takes at least 3 weeks before the desired changes are accepted by our mind.
The app reminds you several times a day of your goals, you choose these moments, whenever it is convenient to you.
The different steps in the app help you let go of the blocks that withhold you from making changes.
By being reminded, for instance before sleeping, your mind will continue to work on reaching that goal while you sleep by slowly accepting the idea and making a fundamental change in your thinking and attitude.
Please look around the site …and allow yourself to get the help you need to make the change in your life you have been looking for.

It is based on science but works like magic…

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