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The key to manifesting your goals. 
7 steps. 3 minutes. ENJOY!


The 7epp first helps you to relax in an easy way, you listen to soothing music while doing deep relaxing breathing.

You move your focus from daily occupations and worries to your desired goal, using the steps you see on the screen of your device.

Subconsciously aiming for your objectives​

The 7epp will help you see the end result of your goal.
When you follow these steps the information will have been registered by your brain and your mind will start working on this especially.

The exact functioning is not known by scientist but studies have shown that the more lively the image in your mind is, the more positive your formulation, the stronger your feeling of joy when thinking of the goal, the better the result.


Barak Obama​

Recently Barak Obama has set up a fund to support further scientific Study of the function of the brain in respect to healing called BRAIN.

We do not claim that this app can heal you but think that the content of the books referred to and the topics of the studies funded by the Barak Obama BRAIN fund is set up to “unlock the mysteries of the mind” and the 7epp can be the practical application of this.

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