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The key to manifesting your goals. 
7 steps. 3 minutes. ENJOY!


Can this help me to lose weight automatically?
If you continue to eat the same thing and not exercise, your body will not burn more calories, no. However, you will focus on the change you wish to see in your life, this thinking will open you to bring behavioural changes that will not feel like a sacrifice….

Can I safely use this on my Children
Although we think it will not be harmful, we think it should be used by adults until it is proven safe for children.

Can an older person use this? 
Yes this method has no maximum age. 
(as long as you do not visualise being a top athlete at 75 ?) 

Is there a guarantee?
The result liesin your hand and what life reserves for you.
This does not allow us to provide a guarantee. 
However, if you use the method consistently we believe that you will see results that make you smile.

Do you have to be intelligent to use this?
Intelligence is separate to the subconscious mind. Your intelligence and subconscious work independently. So there, intelligence is no limiting factor.

Are there subliminal messages hidden in this app?
We guarantee you that this app is subliminal free, we only want you to reach the goals you yourself have added to the 7epp.


Is this linked to a specific religion?
The 7epp is not linked to any belief system and is not a guided meditation and thus can be used freely by all religious and non-religious people.

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